Buying a New Ice Machine Tips

There are steps and measures that must be taken in the before, during, and after buying a new ice machine. These actions will help you find the perfect, new ice machine for you or your company, and guarantee you that the buying procedure runs efficiently. If you need a new ice machine, read this article thoroughly.

Before You Buy a New Ice Machine

-Review and Study: There are hundreds of different ice machines offered at Ice Machines Plus. They all measure in various sizes, alter styles of ice, and use differing amounts of water and electrical energy. Be sure to check the requirements and any ice machine literature and insight provided throughout our site.

-Measure Twice, Buy Once: You may know that your ice machine measures 22 inches wide and 30 inches tall, but do you understand if it need 8 inches of clearance on the side for air release? Many ice machines operate best with six to 8 inches of clearance. Other ice machines need no side or rear clearance. Ensure you prepare for the additional space, must your ice machine need it.

-Discover about the Condenser: water cooled, Air cooled, and remote air cooled condensers all permit your ice machine to operate in a different way. If the temperature level goes up, an ice machine with an air cooled condenser will make less ice daily than the same ice machine with a water cooled condenser. Various condensers will also affect the use of utilities differently. Air cooled ice machines for example; use a great deal of electrical power, while water cooled ice machines could use and lose hundreds to countless gallons of water every day.

-Consider Energy Star: Energy Star qualified ice machines utilize water and electricity more efficiently, and have the tendency to save resources. This assists remain the cost of running your new ice machine low. In some places by using Energy Star ice machines also allow the company to get discounts on Energy Star

-Pick Your Cubes: Do you need standard, square ice cubes, or flake ice for fish and shellfish displays? Will you choose the nation's preferred ice- nugget ice, or choose the crystal clear, sophisticated gourmet ice cubes that finest complements beverages served "on the rocks"? The ice you choose will state a lot about your business and also perform in a different way depending their preferred function. Learn more about Scotsman's well-known nugget ice right here, and learn exactly how it can assist your company

-Examine the Electric: Smaller ice machines require a simple 110V or 115V hookup and a water line, however larger ice machines might require 220V electrical hookup or need unique electrical adjustments. In some cases, single stage or 3 stage units are available.

-Compare Prices: This might seem apparent, but the very same ice machine may sell for hundreds of dollars basically on other sites. We pride ourselves on the capability to offer our items at the most affordable possible rates, and our "Rate Match Warranty" allows you to shop with self-confidence.

-Quality and Warranty: You may be purchasing an ice machine for a home, but make sure you consider the ice machine made for commercial use. Industrial undercounter ice machines could be used for the home and are designed to last for years, while dependably producing ice when you require it.

While Your New Ice Machine is Being Shipment

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-Delivering: Your ice machine could arrive anywhere from a day, to four. (Usually they do not take more than a week to show up; however some ice machines are put together as purchased, or are not promptly offered). Others are in stock, prepared to deliver as quickly as they are purchased. Ice-O-Matic and Manitowoc offer a Quick Ship option on some equipment, which ensures they will be delivered in 2 Days or less. After buying your equipment, among our order trackers will be happy to aid you with tracking details as quickly as it appears, and supply you with all the information relating to when to expect your new ice machine.

-Plan on Being Without Ice: If your ice machine is down, you're going to need to discover an alternate way to make it through without ice while your device is en route. This might indicate buying ice, or borrowing it from a surrounding dining establishment. Make these plans ahead of time so business does not suffer.

-Prepare to Get Your Ice Machine: This means having someone at your home or business the day the ice machine shows up. You ought to always have someone present for the delivery, to sign and accept it. You ought to also have people (good friends, workers) on hand that can help move the ice machine and dump it from the delivery van if required. We DO provide a truck with a lift gate for an added expense that can be included at the time of check out. Otherwise, you will accountable for transferring the machine from the truck to your company. You ought to also be sure you have area readily available, along with the correct water and electric hookups for your new system.

When Your Ice Machine Shows up

Examine the Box and Ice Machine. If you sign for your ice machine, YOU are acknowledging that your (it is YOUR ice machine now) ice machine is in correct working condition, and you are accepting it as is. If you discover any damage after the ice machine is signed for, getting it repaired or having it changed will be far tougher.

Let's assume you examined the box, and it was intact, without any visible indications of internal damage, however when you examined the ice machine, you find that it is not in proper working order, or even cosmetic damage. This is what we call "Concealed Damage" and it is dealt with in the following way:.

Initially, you should get in touch with the freight provider as soon as possible and notify them in discussing the damage discovered. You ought to purchase a replacement item and call us to see if we can offer better help connected to the non-functioning piece of equipment. In order for Ice Machines Plus to help you, all damage needs to be reported within two days of the shipment for it to be acknowledged.

If an error was made on the part of Ice Machines Plus (item lost in transit; incorrect item delivered etc.), a complete repayment or replacement of the item will be made, and the client will not be charged for returning the inaccurate item or a restocking fee. A refused delivery for other reason will however result in the consumer being charged shipping and shipment charges both ways and the consumer will also be subject to a restocking charge at a minimum of 25 %. A redelivery charge will use if a client regulated issue develops and no one exists at the time of distribution.

Inspect the product internally and externally to the very best of your abilities to ensure you are not signing to get anything less than exactly what you purchased. If you own a business and one of your staff members will be accepting the shipment, it is vital that you instruct them how to correctly inspect the ice machine and product packaging for problems and imperfections.

If you are not present at the time of delivery, it does not release your responsibility for the inspection and the signing for the order in acceptable working condition. Whoever is getting the bought products is serving as your licensed agent. They are hence responsible for carrying out the distribution evaluation. Their signature acts the like yours and accepts the item as is.

In Closing.

The return procedure is not a delightful one; however it is in area to acknowledge the reality that mishaps unavoidably can and do happen, and in those circumstances, we attempt to solve them in the fastest, easiest way possible. You should have to understand that you can refuse an item that does not arrive as advertised or that will not work appropriately. Make sure you do not sign for an item unless you want to accept it in its present condition, is completely without faults, and measures up to your standards.

This short article was indicated to shed a bit of light on your rights as a customer and to highlight exactly what can be considered the "small print" that might go overlooked when acquiring a new ice machine.

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