Required an Ice Maker in your house? Think about the Ice-O-Matic GEMU090

With the holidays in the rearview, now is a great time to think about some home repair services or additions that might benefit you in the future. You can finally start considering enhancing the outdoor patio or swimming pool area by including a device that produces the country's favorite ice. Maybe your refrigerator lacked ice throughout your New Year's Eve celebration, and you needed to leave and scramble to discover a store that hadn't yet shut for the year. Or worse, possibly your visitors were left without ice for the rest of the evening. Maybe you like to chewing ice, and nuggets are easy to chew, which only can be found or purchased at quick serve restaurant.

The good news is, numerous of your ice related problems can be addressed by Ice-O-Matic GEMU090-- the one simple, undercounter ice maker. Need as much as 85 pounds of ice produced every day? The GEMU090 can help. Wish to ensure that you have ice on hand for celebrations, special events, or social gathers? The GEMU090 stores 22 pounds when filled to capability and the ice can be quickly scooped and bagged for use at a later time. Perhaps you simply don't seem like your patio area or swimming pool area is complete without an outdoor bar. Well, the Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 is among the only ice makers readily available that is likewise approved for outdoor use. If spatial limitations are a concern, it is worth keeping in mind that the GEMU090 measures less than 15 inch wide. The Ice-O-Matic ice maker is one of the slimmest models on the market and can produce nearly 100 pounds of ice per day, it is unbelievably efficient with its use of space.

Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 Quick Information

Ice-O-Matic GEMU090
Construction: Stainless Steel
Measurements: (H x W x D)33.38" x 14.88" x 23.63".
24 hr. Production: 85 Pounds.
Max Storage: 22 Pounds.
Electric Requirements: 115 V.
Warranty: 2 Years Parts & Labor.
Ice Style: Nugget (Pearl) Ice.

The Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 has delighted in enormous appeal over the previous couple of years, but this ice maker did not reach the pinnacle of its notoriety till Scotsman Ice Systems retired their NU130 from operation. The NU130 is easily the most popular Scotsman undercounter ice maker, creating a popular ice nuggets that were once strictly available at fast food chains such as Sonic Drive-in and Zaxby's.

Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 nugget ice maker for domestic use.

Despite the GEMU090's listing as a commercial ice maker, it is well-appointed to run in a residential environment. The aforementioned size is also much smaller than that of a typical undercounter commercial ice maker. Unlike others undercounter ice maker, but GEMU090 doesn’t have the ability to be fixed with an overlay kit.

Most domestic ice makers provide a one year warranty, due to the fact that they are not built as peacefully as commercial ice makers. Scotsman's domestic Radiance nugget ice maker is covered by a more restricted, one year warranty, and in terms of rate, the GEMU090 is almost $1,000.00 less pricey (compare the GEMU090 at $1,989.99 at IceMachinesPlus to the SCN60PA1SS at $2,956.99 at Amazon). While these ice makers produce and store identical quantities of ice, the GEMU090 expenses much less, is more long lasting and better built, and is covered by twice the warranty.

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