NewAir AI-200 Review

NewAir AI-200

The NewAir AI-200 portable ice maker is a great tool for any individual requiring ice on the go, or just to supplement the home freezer. The NewAir AI-200 is fast, capable of making a lot of ice in a day, and very easy to clean.

NewAir AI-200 Designing and Function

The AI-200 determines 16 “ H x 14 “ W x 16 “ D and weighs a significant 46 pounds. That makes it portable, but not quickly. That portability is decreased somewhat too by the need to plug the unit in to a conventional 110V outlet.

When empty, the benefit is that at such a reasonably high weight you will not have to worry about the unit tipping over even. I don't know about you however I have more than when accidentally kicked over a piece of devices on a camping trip. Nice to understand that won't accompany my ice maker.

Much better still, this device is a strong ice maker that will last with hundreds of ice-making cycles. The stainless steel external surface is durable, a fantastic partner to the strong frame inside.
NewAir AI-200 portable ice cube maker

First use of NewAir AI-200

Like all portable ice dice makers, all new devices will often have a kind of plasticky scent and the AI-200 is no exception. The smell comes from the factory during the assembly process. When the machine is wrapped in plastic and housed in a cardboard box during warehousing, that vapor isn't really enabled to dissipate effectively.

That gas can instill ice cubes the first few times you utilize it. After that, it ought to be clean sailing (offered you utilize good water of course).

NewAir AI-200 Productivity

A gallon of water makes about 8 pounds of ice. That's about 3 lots ice dices.

Simply as beneficial, the NewAir AI-200 makes a significant quantity of ice in short order. The NewAir AI-200 can produce 35 pounds each day. Even more power to you if you can utilize that much (apart from the occasional celebration). That's far more than even a good-sized family is likely to need even during summertime.

Similarly smile-inducing is the fact that it can produce them extremely fast. The unit pumps out a lots ice dices in every cycle, which takes about 7-13 minutes to finish. Other variables like initial water temperature level, air pressure affect the precise rate.

In any case, a lot of users will not need such a continuous or adequate supply. Discussing it is mostly a means of explaining how the unit operates at the extremes. That's a rough and all set method of determining how durable is the build quality of this particular portable ice maker.

Ease of Use, First Rate

The good news is, the no-drip design of the NewAir AI-200 guarantees that you will not need to struggle to empty any unused water at the end of the day. The removable water container makes it a breeze.

It's not a bad concept to empty it at the end of the day, if the system is powered off and the water will sit. Simply put out any excess and let it air out. That will make it less likely the emergence of moss inside.

The system holds up to 2.5 lbs and will keep the ice perfectly frozen as long as it has power. The maker says "for a restricted time" but that's mainly due to the fact that of 'ice creep', described below, and if you turn off the system daily as instructed in the owner's handbook.

Remember that ambient air (from opening the cover and small air leakages) in addition to temperature level modifications will eventually trigger the dices to combine together along their surface areas. Even a high-quality kitchen freezer will do this. Let your ice maker create a lot, then let the cubes for a few weeks to check it on your own.

There is an Ice Basket indicator, no need to open the cover, making it easy to keep that effect to a minimum. There is likewise an "Vacant Water Storage tank" sign so you know when to refill without looking inside first.

The AI-200 could not be simpler to make use of. Plug it in and strike POWER on the front control board. The green LED will blink about as soon as every five seconds to verify it's on. Select the size cube you desire (S, M, or L; medium is the default). Remove the basket and pour water approximately the easy-to-see line then replace. When a cycle finishes, the ice is disposed into the holder automatically. Struck POWER again to stop the device. Done!


The NewAir AI-200 portable ice cube maker-- like any model-- has some restrictions. But for any person looking for a quick, reliable, resilient system it's probably one of the much better ice makers around.

Like all portable ice dice makers, a new unit will commonly have a kind of plasticky odor and the AI-200 is no exception. That gas can infuse ice cubes the first couple of times you use it. The unit pumps out a dozen ice cubes in every cycle, which takes about 7-13 minutes to finish. Let your ice maker produce a bunch, then let the cubes sit for a couple of weeks to test it for yourself.

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