Nugget Ice

Nugget ice is the most functional ice type available on the marketplace today. No other ice form offers itself to numerous uses. From mint juleps to soft drinks to seafood display.

What's so cool about nugget ice is that its shape shares a sense of whimsy. Inspect it out for yourself. Make a standard mint julep with plain old crushed ice, then set it alongside a nugget ice mint julep ... Wow, exactly what a difference, it in fact pops. Kind of like going from a white and black set to a color TV, for those of you who matured in the sixties. For the younger generations, assume 3D!

And it's chewable. Great for the healthcare industry, however equally appetizing to any kid after the little league practice.

If you really want to add excitement to the chill, think nuggets:.

Nugget ice
• It's advanced. Mixologists specify it as a primary active ingredient for some of the most intricate cocktails served today.
• It's whimsical. A best compliment to any thirst quencher or celebration drink.
• It's chewy. The additional little bite of excitement is so distinctively pleasing.

Who said there disappears development? One look at a glass filled with nugget ice will convince you that this is an item that adds value to your drink menu. That's because your customers will be captivated by the shape, structure, and discussion that nuggets develop. Everybody loves the nugget. Its ice with a funny bone.

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