The Ice Machine is Beeping ... What Does That Mean?

If your Easy Ice Hoshizaki ice device is beeping is count the number of beeps in between the 3-second stops, the very first thing you must do.

It is vital that you call customer care and offer the beeping pattern details so we can assist organize and fix the problem for breakdown ice if the issue is triggered by the device failing to carry out. Go to our Ice Machine Performance Issues description to comprehend more about how you can see to it you are offering the ice device with exactly what it has to carry out effectively.
Ice Machine is Beeping

Hoshizaki's beep pattern is developed to notify the operator of 7 various conditions that signify inappropriate operating conditions. Each conditions has a different beeping pattern, varying from 1 to 7 beeps, followed by a 3-second time out. The device will certainly continue the pattern up until the condition that triggered the alarm is fixed and the ice device alarm is reset.

It is important that you NOT reset the alarm without talking with an Easy Ice rep, otherwise you might be accountable for damage to the devices due to repeated failures.

As kept in mind above, there are 7 various beeping patterns. The very first 3 are the most typical, as they normally associate with temperature level and water conditions. For those of you that wonder, right here is a fast description of each alarm pattern:

1 Beep-- High temperature level determined at the evaporator outlet.
2 Beep-- Long Harvest Cycle
3 Beep-- Long Freeze Cycle
4 Beep-- Shorted Circuit on Mechanical Bin Sensor
5 Beep-- Open Circuit on Mechanical Bin Sensor
6 Beep-- Low Voltage provided to Machine
7 Beep-- High Voltage Supplied to Machine

There are a range of possible origin of these conditions, all which have to be dealt with by an Easy Ice rep. Kindly call us whenever the ice device is beeping, even if you believe you understand exactly what the issue is. It is essential for us to have full devices history to make sure appropriate efficiency.

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