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Best Sonic Ice Maker

Nugget ice

Sonic ice machines and nugget ice makers are a luxury worth splurging on. Having a good supply of ice on demand at all times is a luxury. We have put together a list of the best sonic ice machines & nuggets ice makers out there. The best sonic ice makers start at about $25 and go on sale at the end of the year.

Best Sonic Ice Machines & Nugget Ice Makers Buying Guide

Before you buy these best sonic ice machine and nugget ice maker, read these guide.

Speed of Nugget Ice Making

An ice machine is useless if it takes ages to deliver nugget ice. The time needed to make the first batch is usually a bit longer since the machine needs to achieve an initial temperature drop. After the starter batch, every next one should take between 6 and 20 minutes to make consecutive nuggets.

Type Of Ice

Nuggets tend to be bulkier, so they melt slower. Sonic ice begins as munching ice and is finer, making it best for smoothies and snow cones.

How Much Ice Do You Need?

Pebble ice makers tend to be big in this department, but that is not always the ideal way to go. An average ice maker can go from 20 pounds of sonic ice a day to 600+ pounds/24 hours. The bigger the capacity the more ice you get, the less ice you need to get out of the ice maker. It's important to remember that once the ice batch is in the making, the machine cannot be stopped.

Nugget Ice Storage Capacity

The amount of ice that a machine can make means nothing if the storage compartment can't follow. Getting a machine with bigger ice trays inside is crucial. No matter the model you want to get, aim for a machine that can keep the ice from melting for a longer period of time.


Some of the portable ice makers we listed here are lightweight enough to take just about anywhere. All of them work wherever you have access to an outlet and fresh water.


If you're afraid of commitment, you probably want a freestanding or countertop unit. The installed units tend to be larger and have a larger production capacity. The water lines and drainage on these units can be complicated if you don't know what you're doing.

Ease Of Use

Most of these best Sonic Ice Machines & Nugget Ice Makers come with some sort of alarm or indicator telling you what it needs. They also include easy to use touch-sensitive buttons.


There is also a sonic ice machine and nugget ice maker on the list of luxuries that not everyone can buy. If you intend to constantly use your ice machine, you can need a higher capacity and a more costly machine. If it's as much of a pleasure to have as it is to buy, a more budget-friendly computer can be bought safely.