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DELLA 048-GM-48183 Portable Ice Maker Review

DELLA 048-GM-48183 Portable Ice Maker Review

When you have firm at house, it truly is critical to be prepared, particularly if a celebration abruptly occurs or you just want a cold drink without needing to plough your way via your freezer. If you desire to be prepared for these eventualities, why do not you verify out the DELLA 048-GM-48183 Portable Ice Maker?
DELLA 048-GM-48183 Portable Ice Maker Review


Ice in massive quantities from a small machine? It truly is no difficulty with this ice maker from DELLA. This certified ice maker will give you high-quality ice in as quick as a six minutes and also other ice making characteristics you will not see in other merchandise. Right here would be the complete list of characteristics by the DELLA 048-GM-48183 Portable Ice Maker:

  • This small icemaker can make 26 lbs. of ice each day and hold it utilizing its ice basket that could hold as much as 1.five lbs. of ice at every time
  • Installation is very effortless with this machine as you only must plug it, add some water and it truly is all set to make ice
  • This ice maker also comes with an easy-to-understand handle panel and LED lights which assists you figure out in the event the ice basket is filled or must be filled with a lot more water
  • Users have two alternatives in relation to the size in the ice cubes
  • The machine also comes having a removable tray to assist users get the ice more quickly
  • It truly is certified by the ETL, CSA and UL, making certain that this solution is protected to make use of.
  • The functions in the DELLA 048-GM-48183 Portable Ice Maker, it'll surely win some points. Even so, just before buying any item, studying what it really is like from a previous or present owner is essential considering that it is going to or is not going to prove regardless of whether the machine can do the job. Verify the evaluations under from purchasers of this item and see how nicely it did for them.


For some users, this icemaker is really a great decision and investment purchasers ought to contemplate purchasing right after checking it out. The icemaker is very small, generating it straightforward to match anyplace. It's also very very good searching because of its automotive-grade finish and lovely style.

Users say that it was in a position to make ice very good for 15 individuals all evening and nonetheless make a great deal a lot more ice afterwards. It was also very simple to setup and get it producing ice; ice was also created as quick as five minutes or much less, based on some users. The operation from the machine can also be very quiet.

Users also enjoy the truth that the ice will not melt simply, and if it did melt, the melted ice will be transformed once again to ice since it caught within a reservoir.


For some users, the DELLA Ice Maker has a lot of faults that possible purchasers need to think about prior to they buy it. Users say that this machine just isn't very excellent and malfunctioned right after several months. Some users also complained concerning the ice this machine tends to make since it smelt like plastic or even a foul chemical which impacted their drinks.

Users report that even when they completely cleaned the machine, the smell remained. The design and style also triggered some other difficulties for this icemaker in accordance with some since they reported concerns like a noisy motor and flooding.

An additional user reported that the machine also tends to make errors like saying it wants water to make ice but there currently could be water inside the machine. Users also concluded this machine is just not great for heavy usage due to the fragile nature in the interior unit.

The cubes are also small and very wet, causing them to stick to 1 an additional and make it hard to take away in the machine. The ice also melts very effortlessly when the machine turns off, which causes issues inside the motor and triggers it to malfunction.

Users also commented this machine can't hold a whole lot of water in a single go due to its small water tank. Ice capacity can also be small for some as they had been only capable to make ten pounds’ worth of ice inside the machine as an alternative to the promised 26 lbs.

Ice-making time was also longer than it promised as some users reported it created ice only soon after 30 minutes rather than six minutes. Some users have also stressed that the machine is as well costly and not worth the price tag provided the high quality of its overall performance.

Bottom line

With appliances now becoming much more cost-effective, factors like ice making must now be easier than ever. Using the DELLA 048-GM-48183 Portable Ice Maker, you can make ice for the complete block with no ever acquiring a huge and bulky icemaker or without having receiving your hands frozen and stiff from chipping ice.