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Magic Chef MCIM30SST Ice Machine Review

Magic Chef MCIM30SST Ice Machine Review

If you are seeking a quick, quiet, and effective method to generate ice, the Magic Chef 30 Pound Countertop Ice Cube Maker, model MCIM30SST, is certainly the machine for you!

This transportable ice maker is set at a low cost cost and is completely ideal for camping trips, parties, or just residence use. Its little, compact size tends to make it extremely easy to relocate and move to storage. Also, it fits completely in motor-homes and RV’s so you can have ice on any trip you take!

Producing ice has in no way been so easy, all you must do is fill the ice reservoir, plug your machine in and inside a quick seven minutes 12 ice cubes are made! This can be greater than most compact ice machines we’ve reviewed, because the typical quantity is 9 cubes at a time.

Magic Chef MCIM30SST Ice Machine Review

This really is a complete 33% boost per cycle more than other models just like the Magic Chef MCIM22TW reviewed ahead of. Also, if you don't need to wait for the brief seven minutes, right after the cycle of ice has been developed you can freeze the ice created in baggies and stick them within the freezer.

This ice machine functions brilliantly for more than two years with out needing replacing and is on sale to get a wonderful price tag (verify that at Amazon by clicking the hyperlink in the bottom of this review!).

You can get pleasure from any beverage with any size of ice, regardless of whether it be little, in order that you can chew on it, huge, in order that it cools off your drink quicker, or medium, in order that you can do either, chew on it or let it to cool your drink speedily.

Magic Chef MCIM30SST Function

The Magic Chef MCIM30SST ice machine can make 12 ice cubes in as tiny as 7 minutes! The truth is, inside 24 hours 30 pounds of ice may be made. Therefore, its name Magic Chef 30 Pound Ice Maker.

Also, this ice maker is fairly a bit lighter than most transportable ice makers weighing only 38 pounds! The light weight and little dimensions ( 14.9 inches x 17.1 inches x 16.9 inches ) tends to make the ice machine extremely easy to retailer away.

There is certainly even an exterior drain that tends to make draining your excess water easy to replace in order that you can clean your machine.

Nevertheless, when you very first obtain your ice maker the initial few cycles of ice it produces may have a plasticy flavor which can be not really very good.

Although, that's easy to overlook simply because of how quiet the machine is when in use! It is like it is not even there, and in a single day the ice machine can truly generate adequate ice to final you to get a complete week!


  • Amazing seeking stainless steel (which can be what adds towards the weight).
  • Quite quiet! It's like it truly is not even there! Some other brands of transportable ice machines reviewed are really loud.
  • Performs incredibly effectively, which comes in handy if you like a great deal of ice.
  • Could make a great deal of ice inside a day! Greater than sufficient, in fact, as 30 pounds in the cold stuff can be a lot.
  • The easy to access drain is hassle-free.
  • Undoubtedly worth the cash spent, as in accordance with Amazon evaluations it truly is rated certainly one of the top countertop machines at four.three stars out of five!


  • Initially there's a plasticy (is plasticy a word?) flavor, so it requires a few cycles to have rid of it.
  • The ice maker is hard to clean regardless of getting easy to drain.
  • Not actually a adverse, but this machine can be a bit a lot more pricey than other Magic Chef ice cube machines as well as other brands also.


Magic-Chef-MCIM30SST-OpenOverall, the Magic Chef MCIM30SST 30 Pound Transportable Ice Maker is actually a brilliant machine which is great for daily use! You do not need to wait any longer for your beverage to turn into cooler which can be fantastic!

Also, this machine is rated an exceptional four.three out of five stars, which will be greater (possibly five out of five) except some consumer rated it a 1 given that they had a defective element (very uncommon, but these factors occur with any solution!).

In reality, I'm quite pleased to possess purchased this ice machine. It performs really nicely and comes in handy, particularly when you go camping or throw a celebration.

It is a brilliant ice machine and even though you'll find the handful of cons with it, the pros absolutely make it much better. The MCIM30SST countertop ice machine is possibly the top transportable ice maker.