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How to Maintain Your Scotsman Prodigy Ice Machine

An ice program demands routine upkeep, and you will find 3 methods to appropriately clean a Scotsman Prodigy ice machine. A clean ice machine is crucial for the well being of not merely your clients, however it also prevents put on and tear that could shorten the life of your ice machine.

How to Maintain Scotsman Prodigy Ice Machine

descale scotsman prodigy ice machine

The very first step to maintain your ice machine is scale removal. Remove the evaporator cover soon after your final ice harvest and push the clean button which drains and refills the reservoir. Then, circulate Scotman’s Scale Remover for at least a ten minute cycle. Push the clean button once again to drain the reservoir for at least twenty minutes so you will get all the cleaner remedy out of your machine. When you are accomplished, basically push the off button, remove the curtain, ice thickness sensor and also the water distributor creating confident all distributor holes are open. Be sure you wash these parts, and also the water level sensor, with scale remover and water. Lastly wash these parts with sanitizer to produce confident each surface is bacteria-free.

Place these pieces back to their rightful location inside the machine, and wash the inside on the freezing compartment with your leftover sanitizer. Push and hold the clean button to drain the reservoir. Push the clean button once more and when the purge valve indicator light goes out, right away pour the remaining answer in to the reservoir and circulate for at least ten minutes. Then push and release the clean button andScotsman Prodigy Ice Machine let the machine drain and repeatedly refill the reservoir for at least twenty minutes to purge the remaining sanitizer and residue. When you are carried out, push the off button.

When you are prepared to begin creating new ice, push and release the on button. The final step would be to wash the reusable air filter and place it back in spot. Scotsman recommends in no way making use of an ice machine with no an air filter, except when cleaning. Bear in mind only a refrigeration technician can clean your ice machine condenser.

Cleaning procedures on a Scotsman Prodigy Ice Machine