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Scotsman Prodigy Ice Machine Troubleshooting Error Code 8

Scotsman Prodigy is constantly possessing to become reset

Scotsman Prodigy Ice Machine Troubleshooting Error Code 8

Unit was off on error code number 8. This code was indicating that the Prodigy had gone by way of brief freeze cycles. Reset the ice machine and tested operation. Unit ran for about six minutes then harvest was initiated. I removed the evaporator cover to inspect the ice thickness sensor and discovered it covered with scale. There was a lot scale develop up I decided to replace the sensor because it was far more expense powerful than to commit 30 minutes to clean. Installed the new sensor and adjusted. Restarted the ice machine and watched a complete cycle of ice. Located cycle time was 18 minutes and ice was also thick. Decreased the ice thickness after much more and re-tested. Ice was now the right thickness and cycle time was 13 minutes. Purged all water from unit and placed unit in to the clean cycle with all the descaling resolution. When completed and flushed, I pulled out water elements to clean and rinse. Adjusted purge setting from #1 to setting # five to permit a lot more purge time because this unit seemed to possess a higher concentration of scale. Ran unit via a test mode to become confident all elements had been operating properly. Pulled apart the purge valve guts and cleaned inside and reassembled. Began unit back up and timed a single far more cycle. Suggest replacing water filter with a single which has scale inhibitor to assist lessen the scale deposits.

Additional Evaluation around the Scotsman Ice Thickness Control

The ice thickness control in positioned around the front-top of evaporator plate (see image above). The objective from the control is always to trigger the harvest cycle, as soon as it tends to make contact together with the water flowing more than the ice around the evaporator. It may be adjusted closer for the evaporator or additional away to either enhance or lower the ice thickness. Water flowing more than the evaporator should make continuous contact together with the control. The control will detect the electrical continuity, produced by means of the water sensed, and trigger the harvest cycle. Given that this control functions by means of an electrical continuity it truly is crucial that it's kept clean to stop a false detection. See the service manual for added information.