Hoshizaki AM-50BAE Undercounter Ice Machines Review

The food service industry recognizes Hoshizaki as the quality leader in commercial ice applications, but now Hoshizaki presents industrial quality made for the house and workplace. The AM-50BAE Undercounter Ice Machines is the ideal undercounter ice maker that provides all the durability, stability and the terrific tasting ice you would anticipate of a Hoshizaki ice machine. The Hoshizaki AM-50BAE is specially designed to fit in a standard 15" wide cabinet area making use of front it, front out ventilation.

The AM-50BAE Undercounter Ice Machines produces ice by contiually spraying water onto the freezing cylinders. When ice in the storage bin melts down, it starts making more ice. Property owners would be better served with an ice maker that shops ice at freezing temperatures with less turn over of new ice.

The AM-50BAE Undercounter Ice Machines Positives And Negatives

Hoshizaki AM-50BAE Undercounter Ice Machines

  • Individual top-hat design dices removes clumping and permit simple filling of glass
  • Made with fewer moving parts, which contribute to its longer life and stability
  • Compact size, swingstyle reversible door, undercounter design, and UL approval for outdoor use broaden the possibilities where this machine can be set up
  • Ice making compartment can be easily dismantled for cleaning
  • Filter on the front permits simple cleaning
  • Total appears to be a very good ice maker. Quiet, doesn't shake off too much heat and makes nice relatively thick top-hat design ice cubes that last a while.
  • Great door ramp to protect them down, easy to set up.
  • Peaceful operation, Beautiful, clear dices look great in all refreshments.
  • This device is simple to preserve and clean, and doing so will extend it's life for several years.

Please Keep in mind: Hoshizaki AM-50BAE does not included an internal water pump, nevertheless Hoshizaki makes a pump that is designed to fit inside the housing of the ice maker, and it is easy to install if you have any ability for this sort of thing. I've installed external pumps for this Hoshizaki, but discovered the Hoshizaki brand name pump to be the best option, for the ice maker has internal electrical connectors in place for a "bolt on" application. Instructions on how to install both ice maker and the pump from Hoshizaki were very easy and valuable. My pump included all needed hardware to install - i would ensure yours does too. Great ice maker!

Does any person have the Hoshizaki AM-50BAE Undercounter Ice Machines and can share their experience?

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