Hoshizaki Ice Maker Cleaning Procedures

Ice devices are relatively easy systems, however they need some upkeep. Hoshizaki suggests that their devices get cleaned and sterilized a minimum of when annually, and depending upon use you might wish to do it more commonly.

hoshizaki ice machine cleaning procedures

Hoshizaki Ice Machine Cleaning Procedures

Empty the Machine

Eliminate all the ice from the bin, turn off the water supply and drain the sump tank. Some designs might likewise have a drain plug in the ice drop zone that will certainly drain the storage tank.

Clean the Evaporator

Mix the cleaning option with water at the suggested ratio on the product packaging in a container. If your system has the cleaning valve, it must be turned to the "open" or "clean" position. You should move the valve back to the closed position for it to make ice once more.

Clean Parts

Empty the sump as discussed above and eliminate the check valve, spray tube and float change together with the rubber adapter and soak them in ice device cleaner. While soaking, take and clean the water valve strainer.


Although you have actually eliminated the accumulation from the device, germs is still present. Run a sterilizing option through the device just as you did the cleaner and clean down the ice storage tank with a sterilizing option and extensively dry prior to reconnecting the water system and turning the ice device back on.

Cleaning is a fantastic possibility to see if there's anything incorrect with your Hoshizaki ice device. Check elements as you clean to validate that the switches and parts are working correctly.

To get your Hoshizaki ice device prepared for cleaning, you require to clear out any ice that's currently in the bin. You would not desire to infect the ice with your cleaning options.

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