Commercial Ice Machine Buying Guide

Commercial ice machines form an important link in the chain of operation in a dining establishment or industrial kitchen. Ice machines can also be one of the largest expenses in your spending plan, so choosing a system that works for your particular requirements and circumstance is essential.

And now that the warm summertime are here, the time of year you are most likely to buy a brand-new ice machine are upon us. This guide is planned to help you choose the commercial ice machine that's right for you.
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Size According to Requirements

industrial ice machine is the most vital choice you'll need to make. In addition to space constraints in your dining establishment or industrial kitchen area, you have to buy the ideal capability ice maker and ice bin to make sure you can keep up with peak need without over producing ice.

What Sort of Ice?

Different ice machines make different sort of ice, and the sort of ice you choose is finest suited for different applications in your commercial kitchen or restaurant.

Cubed Ice.
Can be found in Whole Dice or Half Dice sizes. Is thick, meaning it melts slowly and cools drinks quickly. Suggested for: mixed drinks and drinks, ice dispensers, and retail sales.

Flaked Ice.
Reduces choking hazards, making it perfect for healthcare and child care applications. Recommended for: healthcare facility and childcare cafeterias, salad bars, chicken, fish, or produce displays and mixed beverages.

Nugget Ice.
Is softer than cubed ice but even more thick than flaked ice. Is chewable and a customer favorite for beverages. Can also be used in item displays or salad bars.


Many commercial ice machines are equipped with anti-microbial linings in locations where ice is produced and stored. Extensively clean the ice bin and manufacturing parts at least when a month with specialized ice machine cleaner.

Likewise clean the condenser fan (on air cooled units) frequently and the air filter if the unit has one. On both water and air cooled devices, remove the water lines routinely to prevent mineral or bacterial accumulation.

Should You Make use of a Water Filter?

Setting up a water filter with your commercial ice machine has actually become a conventional practice in current years. Many makers actively motivate adding water filtering to your industrial ice machine and will extend the warranty by as much as 2 years if you set up the correct water filter with your brand-new system.

Filtered Water: Enhances ice machine performance and lifespan. Tastes better to your client. Decreases mineral deposits inside your ice machine, reducing the chances of a breakdown.

Buying the ideal sized ice machine is the most critical aspect in making the ideal decision. Make the effort to very carefully calculate the ice demands, both presently and in the future, of your company. After you get your ice machine, a few simple upkeep practices plus a water filter will guarantee the device performs for years to come.

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